Mountain thunder
September 15, 2015 04:56 AM The Blog
I like Clouds and I like mountains.This picture has both,and it also contains history.An often forgotten part of the first world war was fought in these mountains.In 1915, men clung to these mountain peaks, they tunnelled into the mountain tops,and rained bullets and explosives down on each others heads.It's a peaceful place now - excepting for the occasional thunderstorm.Thunder in the mountains, echoing the thunder of guns in past wars. ......
September 9, 2015 03:03 PM The Blog
You might expect a picture that displays good timing to show a birds wings in flight, maybe a football frozen in mid air, or a raindrop about to hit a pool of water.Well, timing is important to documentary wedding pictures too,for this picture - I knew that the bride was leaving for the church in just a few moments,she was following her father down the staircase, and the little boy in the doorway was waiting with the rings.I had realised that the stairwell might make a good c ......
September 8, 2015 05:04 AM The Blog
Like a fragment of some historic age, this bronze face gazes at a river bank.I like sculpture a great deal, and enjoy its changing shape as I walk around it
Love notes
September 5, 2015 12:11 PM The Blog
Mark loves AnnaSue loves JamesMultiply these sentiments a thousand timeswritten by a thousand couples - and this is the result.I saw the wall in Verona, Italy.Every single message on the wall, is a message of love.This is one heck of a piece of art ( In my humble opinion ).
feet in the door
September 5, 2015 11:50 AM The Blog
An old doorwaySometimes it's good to relax your mind and to try to imaginehow many people, and what kind of people, have walked through an old doorway.In this case, quite a lot of people will have walked through. The doorway is Roman. I stumbled across it in Verona.It is in a heck of a good state of repair (for a two thousand year old door).What sights this doorway must have seen over two thousand years, eh ! ......
helicopter cafe
September 5, 2015 04:51 AM The Blog
I was sitting outside at a cafe; I was up a mountain in Italy at the time.There was a terrific clattering noise, and this big whirly thing roared into view, It was the Italian air force on manouevres. Quick, grab camera, point it in the right direction . . . click . . .Oddly enough, the helicopter frozen in flight, and the landscape make a really balanced composition.
Lines direct the eye
September 5, 2015 04:49 AM The Blog
A sharp angular line pulls the eye around this picture.You can't help it, your eye is led around the picture by the lines formed by the shadows, and your eye will always settle on the bicycle. That's the power of composition.
aeroplane on a pole
September 5, 2015 04:38 AM The Blog
I came across this scene whilst driving through Germany In September, Concorde is supported on a metal gantry, on the top of a big pole, like a giant lolllipop,whilst two men jetwash the underside from a scaffolding tower. I hadn't planned to go to see Concorde,but driving past it - I couldn't quite believe my eyes - so had to pull over and get a picture.
Register this concept
June 5, 2015 11:48 AM The Blog
Many registrars are often confused when a photographer would like to photograph the 'actual signing' of the register.They may have an idea fixed in their minds, that the bride would like a posed, set up image, with everyone smiling at the camera,with the register carefully closed, so that no writing is visible.Oddly enough, I'm not looking to photograph the book itself.The register book, and the documents within are almost incidental to the scene.What I am interested in, are ......
Bluebells eye view.
May 28, 2015 12:47 PM The Blog
Bluebells only flower at a particular time of year,They tie this picture inextricably into the seasons,and anchor the image in time, to the date of Christina and Michaels wedding.This is a picture about the beauty of wildflowers, and of a couple very much in love, seen on their wedding day.
Strange flowers
March 5, 2015 01:17 PM The Blog
There was this plant . . . and some little bottles . . .I don't know the name of the plant, but each one, in its own little bottle, each labelled with a wedding guests name, seen together, qualify as art in my opinion.You might imagine this as an installation in a gallery of modern art.I came across it at the wedding of John and Gemma Campey.Well done John and Gemma !.
What did she say?
October 20, 2014 01:43 PM The Blog
Pictured after a wedding breakfast, a group of bridesmaids make conversation, and unwittingly become part of a composition in a pictureI cant help wondering, what the girl on the right is saying.
storm clouds at sunset
October 11, 2014 01:41 PM The Blog
We noticed the sky colour changing as a summer storm receded at sunset.Realising that this would reflect in the lake, if we found the right viewpoint, we wandered down to this spot, to make some pictures.The picture is from the wedding of Kerri and David.
bellringers window.
September 20, 2014 01:37 PM The Blog
Owen and Carolines wedding, I looked back, and I looked up . . . I saw a very small window, very high up on the back wall of the church, it was up in the rafters . . .'can I get up there?' 'sure' said an old man, 'there is a door in the corner,'A spiral staircase takes you up the church tower, it's where you will find the bellringers'I wasn't sure how long it would take to get up there, but I thought that I might get an unusual view of the wedding from up t ......
September 5, 2014 01:28 PM The Blog
At the wedding of Jill and Paul at Shortflatt Tower, assorted explosives are rocking the sky in the background.
Did she actually stand in the sea ?
September 5, 2014 12:57 PM The Blog
Afraid so, yes she did :)
Afternoon light.
August 30, 2014 01:23 PM The Blog
Late afternoon summer sun gleams through trees at the wedding of Faye and David.A simple picture of a couple on their wedding day, becomes a composition that would look good on the wall.
So - is the peacock real ?
August 28, 2014 01:34 PM The Blog
No - it's a cardboard cutout peacock. I take either the realistic cardboard cutout peacock,or an inflatable peacock to all weddings.The truth is, at at Joanne and Marks wedding,Joannes father did the peacock rustling / herding,He moved the beast into the right place, then asked it to stay there for a while, so that I could take a picture.
Somewhere over the rainbow
August 22, 2014 01:29 PM The Blog
As luck would have it, I was in just the right place to get a picture of Jill and Paul, walking from the marquee at Shortflatt Tower - to the evening reception which was being held in Teepees.And as luck would have it - we got a rainbow, the rainbow lasted for only a few minutes, as Jill and Paul arrived at their evening reception.
June 5, 2014 01:22 PM The Blog
James and Emma at Wynyard Hall
Shopping centre
January 5, 2014 05:22 AM The Blog
This rather haunting image, this was taken in the galleries of a shopping centre.Not your average shopping centre,this place was in Rome,it's a building of several storeys - called Trajans forum.iEach of the vacant doorways, would have housed a shop.I guess there's nothing much new about shopping centres.And this one made an excellent background for a picture.see more pictures at Alan Mason photography website ......
Hovering dancers
August 5, 2013 12:58 PM The Blog
Seen at the wedding of Pierre and Marianne;dancers are caught in mid step by my camera.They seem to hover.It is a moment frozen in time.
March 5, 2013 05:45 AM The Blog
Shot as part of a portfolio in my studio, this shot of a dancer has interesting graphic impact.
Eating a pastie
January 18, 2013 11:24 AM The Blog
This picture came about because I was driving home on a very cold day. Eearlier, at a service station I had refuelled and picked up a pastie, which then lay on my car seat. Later, I pulled over in a layby, intending to munch the pastie - looked out of the car window and t thought - wow - I like that scene. So I wound down the car window, clicked the camera and bingo. A picture. It was as easy as that. The picture only happened because of a pastie.more from Alan Mason ......

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