March 12, 2016

I guess this will only be of interest to males . . . 

I found this gun barrel in Normandy, when I was touring the old D-Day landing sites with my father.

Despite being more than 70 years old, and standing outside in all weathers,
the gun barrel is still very much intact, 
the rifling in the barrel is clearly visible,
and there are even some registration marks stamped into the front of the gun barrel.

There is a story behind this gun and it's bunker.

The gun was resisting the Allied invasion, the crew will have been in the bunker behind the concrete walls,

the concrete is badly smashed around the aperture in the bunker through which the gun protrudes,

and the gun protective shield, looks like it has been damaged by an explosion from the inside.

well - that's what happened - a Naval shell, from an Allied ship, entered the bunker to the bottom left of the picture.

The gun is still there, but the gun crew aren't. I guess that there wouldn't be much left of the poor souls.

Barrel - www.masonstudio.uk
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