Castle roof

February 15, 2016

When I'm photographing a wedding, which sometimes happens in a castle . . .

I often try to get onto the roof.

(There will be some odd reason for this . . . god knows why . . . I'm random like that).

So when I was travelling in Austria last year,
I stayed in a castle.

And, as one does . . . I got into a very high place . . . and got myself a picture of the rooftop.

I was lucky enough to stay in a suite just under the bit of roof on the left . . .

You can't see it from this picture. But I can confirm it was very nice !

The place is called Schloss Matzen,
and as far as I can see, they can do weddings . . .
(I think they only have about 12 rooms though)
They have their own chapel, and you can book it for a day for a reasonable rate.

So . . . if anyone is thinking of getting married there.

I'm your man.  I know the place . . . I like the place . . .
I can even speak a little bit of the local language . . .

And I'd like to go back :)

Get Married at Schloss Matzen and book me as your photographer :)


OR . . . if you'd like to look at UK castle weddings

then I have some on my website here

Castle roof - www.masonstudio.uk
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