Meteorite strike

September 29, 2015

I took this picture in a town called Nordlingen,
Nordlingen is in Southern Germany.
The towns main claim to fame is that it is situated in a meteorite crater.

The picture is taken from the top of the church tower
(the tower is called Daniel, for some odd reason)
and you can see the curve of the old town walls at the top of the picture.  

The town is circular - the old town walls follow the rim of the meteorite impact crater.

I'm guessing that in the middle ages - when they built the town walls
around the rim of a big circular thing - then never guessed
that they were standing in a meteorite crater.

Many people notice that the old stone buildings in the town 'sparkle',
and the explanation for this is - apparently - there are tiny specks of diamond
in the rock - the diamonds were created by the force of the meteorite impact.

I saw the sparkling stone - but there weren't any big bits of diamond that I could take away with me


see more pictures at Alan Mason photography website

Meteorite strike - www.masonstudio.uk
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