September 9, 2015

You might expect a picture that displays good timing 
to show a birds wings in flight,
maybe a football frozen in mid air, 
or a raindrop about to hit a pool of water.

Well, timing is important to documentary wedding pictures too,
for this picture - I knew that the bride was leaving for the church in just a few moments,
she was following her father down the staircase, and the little boy in the doorway was waiting with the rings.

I had realised that the stairwell might make a good composition when I arrived at the house,
thought nothing more of it, until I saw this scene unfolding in front of me.

The picture tells a story - and best of all - there is absolutely no input from the photographer in the image,
the picture clearly shows what is happening, and will make a lovely memory of the actual events of the wedding day,

That is to say - it isn't a staged picture - it is simply a picture achieved through observation and timing.

That is something that is hard to teach - and it simply comes with experience.

weddings in Northumberland

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