July 17, 2018

We spent a week in Antalya, Turkey.

I'd heard of a place called Termessos - and I knew it sounded interesting, but I'd always thought it would be one of those places that I'd never ever get to see.

Well we found a taxi driver touting for business,  we asked him if he could take us up into the mountains to see the place, and he said yes ! 

The poor feller probably didn't know what he was letting himself in for.
We kept him for 7 hours !  (I think he went to sleep when we were exploring the ruins).

We hiked what seemed like half a mile up a steep hillside from the carpark and found the ruins.

The ancient remains up there are absolutely staggering.
There are places where old stone sarcophagi (coffins) are simply tumbling down the hillside. 

The place was deserted after an earthquake in antiquity. You can see the earthquake damage everywhere.

And nobody has dug it !  

I read that the site has been surveyed on the surface, but archaeologists haven't actually dug down to find what secrets the site holds.

I guess the site is probably  just too inacessible - you can't get a vehicle up there.

Termessos. some of the ruins are from the time of Alexander the Great.  Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in the area !

The last picture is the mountains containing the old ruins.
Picture taken at sunset (or near to sunset) from Antalya.

Turkey - www.masonstudio.uk
Turkey - www.masonstudio.uk
Turkey - www.masonstudio.uk
Turkey - www.masonstudio.uk
Turkey - www.masonstudio.uk
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